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Alex Little

Alex is the eldest son of 1970s musician and frontman of Rock Band Hawkwind, Bob Calvert. Hawkwind are considered in some circles influencers of the Punk music era and the birth of Acid Rock with its audiences dressing in florescent colours and including body paint. Giving way to the first rave type environments and experience instead of the standard concert concepts.

Alex as a teenager toured with the band and became involved in everything from assistant manager/roadie/driver and stage security.

Spending time in the studio with his father Alex learned the construction of recorded music and felt it was in his blood.

After leaving the Army in 1995 a group of friends had started an event called Juicy Tunes and invited Alex to join the team. Firstly as promotion and production and eventually one of the DJs. Playing the back room Alex gained a following for his uplifting vocal house which was different from the UK Garage of the Main Room. Alex set up an after party event featuring more vocal melodic vibes for Juicy Tunes and also other events asked Alex to join their after parties as the vocal USA style house was making an impact on the UK scene.

Alex went on to play at other main stream clubs in the late 1990s into the 2000s. 2004 Alex took a sabbatical from regular DJing to work the next 14 years in the Middle East. Only then DJing at Juicy Tunes events Alex didn’t want to loose his passion for his love of music. On retiring from working overseas Alex now the only owner of Juicy Tunes puts on some boutique events to keep the brand alive. The dance music scene had always had the major influence for over 30 years that is Centreforce. Alex knew some of the team from the industry and approached Centreforce as they had just launched their DAB station and it was taking off like a storm. Alex asked if any show slots were available and submitted a demo show.

A midweek midnight show was offered and Alex grabbed the opportunity to join what can only be described as a phenomenal radio station. After a year or so Alex moved to take up two early morning shows at 5am following another year or so at these slots moving again and taking up the Saturday Morning breakfast show.

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