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Danny Lines

My name is Daniel Lines aka Danny Legend Lines. The rave culture for me, acid house, hardcore and later on jungle was a massive part of my life as a young teenager and early 20’s. As a youngster I lived in East Ham/manor park – East London. Later on moving with my family to Barking then when I left home I moved back to East London, living in Stepney, opposite original centreforce DJ Tony Wilson, Bow & Poplar. My Fathers side were all out of Balaam St, Plaistow. My Mothers side were out of Goosley Lane East Ham & Canning Town.

My first introduction to Centerforce FM was as a youngster around 1989 (Summer of Love) not forgetting one of the original raves that was held in a tyre factory and also echo’s. I was working as a Saturday boy fitting car stereos at A&F security, green gate, Plaistow. We always had the radio banging out in the workshop and the DJ’s and faces always popped in the shop or passed by and were good friends of the owner Bozzy. One of the first people who introduced me to the tower block studios was psychedelic Eric, known then as psychedelic soul sound E16. At that time i was also good friends with DJ Seeker & Sam C.

I then started to hang around custom house and work with a lot of the boys who took me under their wing lol, the rest is history. I also got my first dog which was later to be my future career from DJ Seeker and his mate, a little Staf called Ganja Max which Bozzy allowed me to take to work. One of the main things I remembered about Centerforce FM was that you always got direction for their raves on a Saturday night and meeting points and being in convoys were good memories for us. I think my first experience of a rave was as a young teenager driving around the west end watching the ravers coming out in the early morning from the trip at Astoria & Spectrum Charing Cross around the middle 1988-1989.

The music was always part of our culture in early and late teens, acid House then hardcore. From 1990 I really started to rave hard with a local group of friends which some later on became dj’s including uncle Duggs (cool FM & Rinse) We all itched for our Friday night fix which would normally end up ending on Sunday morning at someone’s house with everyone very tired & dirty from the previous two days. I was a regular at the Berwick Manor and at Raindance. Some raves that I can recall that I attended were labyrinth, telepathy, living dream, lovedove, helter skelter, spectrum, dream skape, Fantasia, orange, sterns, paradise club trip desire, world dance, the velvet rooms, leisure lounge, back to the future, dungeons, various film studio raves, bagleys, awol ,the egg and turnmills also visited Ibiza.

As a youngster me and my friends usually on a come down used to juggle with playing vinyl old school & hardcore drum and bass & jungle on an old set of decks and a two channel mixer and i’d jump on the mic. Record shops that I can remember that we used to visit were Music Power, Ilford & Boogie Times, Romford, and somewhere off of Carnaby street in a basement, Nicki Blackmarket & Mash for our clothing.

Crazy times. I was also a regular in the record shop in Hermit Rd, Canning Town. I remember clearly in the early 90’s after hours being in the shop with Doctor Jekyll & Mr Hyde while they were practising their set that they performed that night when we went to Fantasy FM New Year’s Eve party Astoria. Later on in life I was reunited with various friends, I spent a lot of time in Jamaica learning the reggae scene which I still love to this day and have played many sets on the radio. Reggae was also a big part of my childhood growing up. After working so hard on my career for so long for personal reasons I had to stay away from the culture. The music was still in my heart. I started to MC regularly alongside DJ Bubbler & DJ Rooney fri night and sat night on Centerforce sessions, which proved to be a great success. Jimmy Jungle gave me this opportunity (Labello Blanco / Public Demand Records) he was also Andy’s business partner. And to say the least, every week a journey of my youth, I found myself relating to the listeners and it gave me a warm feeling inside and a great release from my normal working week. I also provided security for relocation and location of rigs and aerials plotted around London gaining our security team the name “The Concrete Crew”. We even got employed lol by Offcom….but that’s another story. And my early career doing security dogs on raves ,As the years progressed I used my knowledge of the culture, the music and the scene and street knowledge to finally continue my career in security in a more professional manner.

My first main job was Bodyguarding Tim Westwood and lots of other celebrities including UB40on tour. All of this experience combined with martial arts & military experience led me to straighten my life out a bit and work on building one of England’s biggest security companies, providing close protection, doormen and security Dogs & handlers and surveillance to events, parties & clients all around the country which I continue to do to this day.

I have been privileged in my later years to now MC on stage in UK and Europe with the likes of some of my favourite DJ’s which is extremely nostalgic. Legends such as, RatPack, Nicki Blackmarket, Chris Paul, Nookie, DJ Randall, The Corporation, Ellis D (LSD), K Klass, Billy Daniel Bunter, Mark Radford, Vibes, Ray Keith, Grooverider, Slipmat, jumping Jack Frost, Jazzy M,Alex P Brandon block Mickey Finn , Lisa loud all of the current Centreforce DJ’s, the list goes on……..I’ve also worked alongside other MC’d on stage such as Moose & Fearless.

I currently host one of the longest running drive time shows & I have recently started a new show Fada Lines & Guest on a Friday night taking listeners back to the original rave scene with original DJ’s.

My hosting career has recently taken off working at raindance house and classics festival, clockwork orange, ravertots, orange (Chris Paul), new world festival, we are festival, various centreforce raves & pineapple disco.

Got to give massive thanks to Pasha jimmy jungle / master pasha /Alex p / Jonny c /Darren & The landlord Ed for there continued support & guidance

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