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FITZY is a intriguing House DJ from Essex (UK). Musically has a vast knowledge of all styles of house music and is always revising his sets to keep his audience amazed. He plays across a vast spectrum of house music in his sets and can adjust to any crowd put in front of him.

FITZY speciality is Tech House , he adds his own unique style with his energetic performances this way its always new, exciting and a great experience for the crowd to see & hear.

He is currently holding residences at Science of sound,Propane,series and Centreforce radio

FITZY has supported & worked with the likes of Alex p ,slipmatt,Ratpack,Rob tissera ,Will Taylor and Amy Lauren .

Playing in many famous clubs across the uk and Europe including E1(london),Orange Yard(london) ,culture club(Croatia) ,coral beach club (Croatia) KARMA (turkey) ALM bar (Austria )

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