DJ Scott Rhyder

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Soulful House

Late Night Soulful Sounds

Scott Rhyder

The Late Night Soulful Sounds Show, takes you from Sunday night into Monday morning in the UK the Soulful Way! Bringing you the best in new Soulful House, Jazz House and everything in between. Sit back and relax as DJ Scott Rhyder takes you on a journey of soulful sounds from America and the UK all the way to the beaches of Brazil, there is something for your Mind, Body […]

Scott has been in and around music from a very young age, growing up in Essex in the UK, he started building up his record collection of all types of House, UK Garage and Drum& Base, shopping in the likes of Boogie Times in Romford and Blackmarket Records in Soho, this lead him from the age of 13 to jump on a set of belt driven decks and started his passion for DJing .

In 2005 Scott broke into London radio scene after he started to play Drum & Base when he was 18 years old, but after a few years he found his real passion was playing the Soulful Sound of House Music, and he has been playing he’s Soulful House radio shows across London ever since, and right now you can catch him on 883 CentreForce Radio DAB every Sunday night playing the very best in brand new soulful house with The Late Night Soulful Sounds Show 23:00 – 01:00.

Scott has spent many years playing across London’s and Essex’s biggest clubs, these included playing nights at Ministry Of Sound, Pacha and The Egg, along with many bars across Essex.

Now 36, he has started to push his love for music even further by starting to produce his very own Soulful House tracks.


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