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Dj Texsta / Producer have been a part of the music world for over 4 decades with his wide range of music From Soul, Regge, House, Rave, Hardcore, Jungle / Drum & Bass To Garage.

Texsta has played all over the world from the early 90s to date. His passion is soulful House but as a professional dj he plays all kinds of house also with him being a big playa in the uk garage movement.

He has had some club classic under his belt as a producer just to name one (Dangerous) by Same People in calibration with Persian to create a Garage Anthem that is still getting played.

Texsta has also started to produce alongside some great producers in the last 2 years and releasing some great House / Garage trax.

Now Texsta has started his own record labels, Olive Tree Recordings and also Clear Notes Records with some great releases and loads of other artist. You can find all releases on all Digital and streaming platforms.

For the last 4 half years Texsta has been a part of the biggest uk based independent dance music station Centreforce Radio on dab and online. Holding 2 shows Dj Texsta The Mid Morning Show every Wednesday’s from 10am till Noon also The Groove Alliance show with Gee Tee every Monday’s 10pm to Midnight.

As a Dj Texsta is very loyal to his listeners and also when he plays out in Clubs / Bars he always thinks of the crowd in the venue to give them what they want to hear and make them dance.

He always says play to the crowd and not yourself.

Keep it real keep it music.


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